Work Request Program

Work Request Program – Let Your Voice be Heard

 The Martin-Fontana Park Association (MFPA) Board has created a Work Request Program to list and track issues indentified by park users.  When you see something that needs attention please submit a Work Request.. We will keep the issue in front of the Park Management until we get action or a good reason why your issue cannot be addressed.

The objective of this Work Request Program is to identify and track repair and upkeep issues that are not being corrected in a timely fashion by the Department of Parks, Recreation and Neighborhood Services (PRNS).

Issues identified by park visitors will be added to a Master Log that will list:

Date of discovery, date submitted, probably cause, recommended action to correct and priority as determined by the Requestor and/or Board Representative.

MFPA will submit the Work Request to the City in several ways. First we will send a ‘Request for Maintenance’ to the City’s ‘Park Concerns’ office to formally submit the issue to the City.  Next we will periodically send copies of our Master Log and individual Work Requests to our District 10 Council Member, the Director of Park and Recreation and the Mayor’s Office. Whenever MFPA meets with or makes a presentation to City officials we will use the Master Log to show the progress – or lack thereof – on maintaining our neighborhood Parks.

Keeping track of the work Park Staff does on these issues will give us a record of work accomplished and document a backlog of work needed when we petition the City for adequate maintenance funding.

Submit your Work Request to Richard Zahner at:

Include the following information:







First Observed:

Probable Cause:

Work Requested:

Photo if Available: