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The Jeffrey Fontana Memorial Rose Garden gets a Spring makeover

On Sat the 9th of May, the Santa Clara County Association of Realtors (SCCAOR), with the support of the Martin-Fontana Parks Association, and Adopt-a-Park, weeded, dead-headed roses and generally cleaned-up the Fontana Memorial Rose Garden at McAbee Road and Golden Oaks Drive.  Continuing to make this area the highlight of the commute on McAbee!  Thanks for all your hard work, volunteers.  What we do without you.

Thanks also, to our photographer, Susan Mosher for the great photos.

Hard at work

Volunteers hard at work

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SCCAOR Work Party a huge success


Goodbye and thanks so very much.

On Saturday, Sept. 6th, the Santa Clara County Association of Realtors (SCCAOR) completed their fall clean-up and rose care workday in partnership with MFPA and Adopt-a-Park. SCCAOR’s park project is the Jeffrey Fontana Memorial Rose Garden at McAbee Rd. & Golden Oaks Way.
Today it was time to remove the weeds and flowering-plum root growth, & dead-head & fertilize the roses. We hope to promote one more grand final rose bloom before the end of the year. When the roses go dormant in late January, we will prune the roses to a common height and get them ready for spring. This rose garden was planted & created by the South Bay Community Church on the in Nov. of 2010 as one of their “Beautiful Day” projects. MFPA had presented the need of a partnership with a local group to help maintain this garden; and SCCAOR stepped up to the plate. We are entering the 3rd year of this partnership and looking forward to keeping the momentum going.


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A special thank you to Dave Walsh and Grace Garland of SCCAOR for coordinating this partnership! Thanks also to Matt and Jeni Lepow, owners of Almaden Valley Nursery for their contributions to the effort. Besides having SCCAOR on site this morning, we also had Scout Troop 262 come by after they had finished up their Saturday morning Scouting activity. Since we had the tools available, they took advantage of the situation and weeded and pruned the plants in their two scout projects on the east side of McAbee. It was good timing on their part as the water main had been off for a while and they were able to water all the plants. Thanks for pitching in Scouts!

As you can see, all is well at McAbee Road and Golden Oaks Way!

Memorial Rose Garden Workday a Success!

Thanks to the Santa Clara County Association of Realtors, (SCCAOR), the Jeffrey Fontana Memorial Rose Garden is ready for Spring.  Also adding their assistance were the  Department of Parks, Recreation and Neighborhood Services (PRNS), Martin-Fontana Parks Association members, and other volunteers.


Check out all these hard workers!

Doesn’t that Rose Garden look great. It is a pleasure to work with the SCCAOR group. What enthusiasm, work ethic, dedication and expertise. This group did a beautiful job on the rose garden and completed all within an hour and a half! Thanks too to their families, many of which participated in the workday! It demonstrates yet again the spirit of cooperation and community within the Almaden Valley and shows what can be done if this effort is focused on a quality-of-life project. Peoples spirits will necessarily be raised by the sight of amber, red and white roses as they travel McAbee. We thank the SCCAOR.

Also, I would like to acknowledge Linda Wilson and the folks on the executive committee of MFPA for making all of this possible through their leadership and organization. This group spends several hours a month developing and implementing plans to beautify to the two parks: T.J. Martin and J. Fontana. Also, thank to those regulars that show-up on almost every workday. Chris, Sunny, Pat, Patricia, Pier, Linda, Mike and Dick….. thanks for your contributions to this specific effort.

For an additional story in the San Jose Mercury News about the workday click here.

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Jeffrey Fontana Park’s Memorial Rose Garden gets a makeover

Thanks to the Santa Clara County Association of Realtors (SCCAOR), The Department of Parks, Recreation and Neighborhood Services (PRNS), Martin-Fontana Parks Association members, and other volunteers, a lot was done on Sat the 7th.  We dead-headed the roses; fertilized all the plants, pulled weeds, trimmed the curbs, and spread 6 yards of mulch.  A long pole tree trimmer was used to open up the flowering plums in the project. All in all, we got a ton of stuff done; and the garden looks great! Take a look.

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We are set for the Fall/Winter and will do our first 2014 workday in the Spring ’14… maybe early April. Then we will spread another 6 yards of chips and repeat what we did today.  This should give us one great Spring to look forward to.

Heart of the Park IV

2013 HOP Flyer

Great American Clean-Up Day and Earth Day Event

SCCAOR Volunteers

SCCAOR Volunteers (left to right) Al Johnson, Barbara Johnson, Theresa Allen, Melanie Ventura, Carl San Miguel, Lucy Ramos, Gary Peralta, Linda Soto, Tom Leaks, Gavin (Grandson of Sateesh Lele), Doug Keeler, Dave Walsh, Neil Collins, Grace Garland, Ramzey Amireh, Sateesh Lele, Don Tornincasa, Jessica Hooley, Mitch  Hooley, Cinda Hoyt, Jason Skowronski, and Gloria Ashdown.

A group of volunteers from the Santa Clara County Association of Realtors (SCCAOR) worked in the Jeffrey Fontana Memorial Garden on McAbee planting 32 new rose bushes and other plants to replace those lost over the last three years since the garden was established.  SCCAOR has pledged to weed, replace plants if necessary, and generally keep the garden looking beautiful by working on it twice a year for three years.  Not only are they providing the labor, they awarded MFPA with a grant of $3000 over the next three years to cover all the costs of maintance and plant replacement.  The Almaden Valley Nursery provided the plants, purchased by MFPA at a 40% discount.  This was truly a community working together to achieve a beautiful result.

The Petree Family

The Petree Family

PJ, Sydney, & Megan all pitch in to plant some roses.

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