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Native Plant Island C

Native Plant Island C

Mycorrhizal fungi affect the roots of CA native plants in a very positive way.  Their is a symbiosis that promotes changes in root structure that contribute to the drought tolerance of CA native plants.  On July 15th, I moved leaf-duff from under one of the heritage oaks to the mound, which will become CA Native Plant Island C come Fall, and worked it into the top-soil of the mound.   I hope to encourage mycorrhizal fungi to establish and/or spread in the soil (as MFPA brought in 30 yards of garden soil to mix with the existing soil to form the mound for this planting).   I do hope that those using the mounds for recreational activities (such as motor-scooter jumping and such) will stay-off the mound so that we will be ready for a November ’12 planting, as scheduled.  🙂  Pat Pizzo