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Great American Clean-Up Day and Earth Day Event

SCCAOR Volunteers

SCCAOR Volunteers (left to right) Al Johnson, Barbara Johnson, Theresa Allen, Melanie Ventura, Carl San Miguel, Lucy Ramos, Gary Peralta, Linda Soto, Tom Leaks, Gavin (Grandson of Sateesh Lele), Doug Keeler, Dave Walsh, Neil Collins, Grace Garland, Ramzey Amireh, Sateesh Lele, Don Tornincasa, Jessica Hooley, Mitch  Hooley, Cinda Hoyt, Jason Skowronski, and Gloria Ashdown.

A group of volunteers from the Santa Clara County Association of Realtors (SCCAOR) worked in the Jeffrey Fontana Memorial Garden on McAbee planting 32 new rose bushes and other plants to replace those lost over the last three years since the garden was established.  SCCAOR has pledged to weed, replace plants if necessary, and generally keep the garden looking beautiful by working on it twice a year for three years.  Not only are they providing the labor, they awarded MFPA with a grant of $3000 over the next three years to cover all the costs of maintance and plant replacement.  The Almaden Valley Nursery provided the plants, purchased by MFPA at a 40% discount.  This was truly a community working together to achieve a beautiful result.

The Petree Family

The Petree Family

PJ, Sydney, & Megan all pitch in to plant some roses.

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Clean up in Guadalupe Oak Grove Park

Councilman Johnny Khamis's group

A group headed up by District 10 Councilman Johnny Khamis and his staff worked with MFPA in the Guadalupe Oak Grove Park, adjacent to Jeffrey Fontana Park to clear away dead brush and trees that were encroaching upon the treasured Blue Oaks and Valley Oaks in the preserve.  They cleaned up litter and cleared all the walking trails throughout the natural Oak park.

Eating a well deserved lunch.

Eating a well deserved lunch.

Johnny and his staff was nice enough to provide lunch for all the volunteers.

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Thanks to all our Earth Day Volunteers

A big thank you to our other group of volunteers who worked throughout Jeffrey Fontana Park pulling weeds, removing dead plants, picking up litter, and spreading mulch.

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May 2012 Newsletter from Councilmember Nancy Pyle

MFPA President Linda Wilson and Councilmember Nancy Pyle

Dear Community Member,
On Arbor Day, April 27th, I had the pleasure to participate in the
dedication of a large grove of magnificent oak trees in Jeffrey Fontana
Park. These trees were designated to be Heritage Oaks by the City of
San Jose in August 2011 and after much effort by the Martin Fontana
Parks Association and the TJ Martin Neighborhood Association the
Heritage Grove was dedicated to the community.

Read the rest of what Nancy Pyle, District 10 Councilmember had to say here.

Helping Hands were Busy Hands!

Even the little hands were helping

Over 400 volunteers from 18 congregations of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints descended on Jeffrey Fontana and TJ Martin Parks last Saturday for a successful morning of hard work.  The volunteers paired with area delegates from Martin-Fontana Parks Association and completed – literally- a TON of work.

Several hundred yards of mulch was spread throughout Fontana Park from Almaden Expressway to Thorntree Drive, west of McAbee.  Several wheel barrow loads of weeds were pulled and overgrown shrubbery was trimmed in both Fontana Park and the Guadalupe Oak Grove Park.

In TJ Martin Park near Glowing Court, hard working volunteers from the Los Alamitos Ward of the Church removed twenty-five invasive fortnight lily plants, and two diseased trees.  They replaced them with two flowering crape myrtle trees and several new CA native flowing shrubs.  Mulch was spread for the finishing touch.

Martin-Fontana Parks Association thanks San Jose City Adopt-a-Park coordinator, Mollie Tobias for all of her hard work in matching the Mormon volunteers to our park projects and providing guidance and tools to get the job done!  We also thank the hundreds of Mormon volunteers for their dedication and commitment to families and taking part in community service in their localities.  Special thanks go to Geeta Naidu, who headed up the coordination and assignments of all the Wards to the work stations located throughout the parks.

“It takes a caring community and involvement from different groups to organize, implement and maintain worthwhile parks programs,” said Linda Wilson, president of the Martin-Fontana Parks Association. “A park is more than a place to go for a walk. It’s a vital resource for families and the community.”

The Mormon Helping Hands program brings together members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and their neighbors to provide community service.

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Heritage Grove Dedication

On Arbor Day, April 27th, an enthusiastic audience participated in the dedication of a large grove of magnificent oak trees in Jeffrey Fontana Park.  Cub Scout Pack 282, Boy Scout Troop 262, and Daisy Troop #61229 from Los Alamitos, began the program with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Tom Morse, President of TJ Martin Neighborhood Association and Linda Wilson, MFPA President, introduced the first speaker, Councilmember Nancy Pyle.  Both thanked her for her unwavering support.   In reply, she in turn thanked the TJ Martin Neighborhood Association, who addressed neighborhood issues of soccer, traffic, and crime in the area and MFPA for their work in saving the trees in the parks and enhanced unsightly areas.  At the same time Councilmember Pyle also announced a grant for $2000 from her office for the non-profit MFPA.

City Arborist Ralph Mize described why these trees qualified for a designation as Heritage Trees and explained that Heritage Trees enjoy a protected status in the City of San Jose.

James Reber from the San Jose Parks Foundation described the unique relationship Martin-Fontana Parks Association has with them.  Working with the San Jose Parks Foundation has made it possible for MFPA to receive restricted grants from donors.  The foundation works with a wide range of park related nonprofits and associations throughout San Jose.

MFPA especially thanks Association members Vince Piazzisi and Joy Stevens who worked relentlessly for over a year to achieve the Heritage designation from the City.  We also thank all of our park partner organizations and our volunteers who work so hard to plant and water the trees and shrubs in MFPA projects, and tirelessly spread endless mountains of mulch to reduce the need for defoliant sprays for weed control.

Be sure to take the time to pause under the shade of those magnificent Oaks and read the writing on the plaque.