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Butterfly Refueling Station update

ThenThe finished planting on the 29th of March 2014


NowAs it looks today!

IMG_0022The planting on the 29th of March 2014

IMG_0004As it looks today!



Going Native Garden Tour visitors enjoy our parks

Well, all in all, April 27th was a successful day. We had a total of 39 guests. They seemed to really enjoy all of the plants on our Native Plant Mounds.  Thanks to all those Martin-Fontana Parks Association members volunteers who donated their Saturday to greet & sign in visitors.  Thanks also to those who presented our two islands of native plants & answered any questions they may have had.   Besides the Native Plant mounds other areas of interest were pointed out on the display map and directions provided.


Butterfly Refueling Station almost completed

Thanks to a lot of friends & neighbors donating their time & energy,

we just about have the Butterfly Habitat completed.

Work party

All that’s left is the placement of several large boulders in the retaining walls of the two areas.

Completed 2

Looking East towards McAbee Rd. & Golden Oak Way


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Coming soon— A Butterfly Garden

monarch butterfly photo (2)

The remaining open space in Fontana Park provides an opportunity to create an environment conducive to supporting native wildlife including highly visible and generally appreciated butterflies with little or no impact on neighbors. Butterflies can be attracted and induced to stay by providing their favorite nectar sources. Other plants serve as larval hosts providing the habitat butterflies need for other stages of life.

A successful butterfly habitat with larval host plants can be an educational resource and an opportunity for people to witness firsthand the amazing life cycle of butterflies. Since adult butterflies feed on nectar, the flowering host plants are also often quite attractive.

Monarch butterflies on a blazing star by Al Batt.

If you take a walk on the east end of Jeffrey Fontana Park you may see MFPA member, Dave Poeschel, out there shoveling away and moving boulders.  Be sure to stop by and say “Hello” and give him a big “Thank you” for all his hard work.

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Butterfly Garden overview

For a link to Dave’s plans click here.