Calendar of Events

Come out on a cool, fall, Saturday morning and join with your neighbors to spruce up Almaden! We have three terrific events planned for Saturday, October 21st, so bring your family and friends!

Come out & paint the gray walls on Redmond Avenue, near Almaden Expressway, and the wall on the south side of McAbee, near Almaden Expressway, just past the shopping center. We only need about 10 volunteers at each of these projects. Painting will start at 8:00 AM at both walls, and we expect to be done around 11:00 AM.

These projects are generously sponsored by Orchard Supply Hardware who will be providing paintbrushes and supplies as well as volunteers for all three projects, and Burnham Construction who will be providing all the prep-work for the walls and overseeing both painting projects. Both these businesses have been generous supporters of our efforts to beautify District 10.



Step out of your hustle, slow down, and do some creative personal exploration using drawing, writing, and movement in nature. In this two-hour program, you will take an easy walk to explore and then gather for some guided exercises to explore our own inner autumn harvests and awaken our connections to the natural world. 

Bring a camp chair, your journal, your preferred art supplies (some will be available on-site), your walking shoes, water, and a sunhat. This program is geared for adults only. Rain will cancel this event. Space is limited, so please reserve your spot now. 

For reservations, dates in other parks, and for information about other activities in parks and open space around the valley, visit


*For those of you who have been wondering, the next Heart of the Park will be held in May of 2018.  Once an exact date has been determined, we will be sure to let you know.  We are hoping it will be a lot cooler in Spring and our parks should look their best at that time of the year.  We will all be looking forward to seeing you there.

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