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PRNS Deputy Director reveals new plan for our Parks at MFPA General Meeting

President Rod Carpenter called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm last Wednesday, Feb. 13, addressing an overflow audience of members and guests.

Parks, Recreation & Neighborhood Services Deputy Director, Justin Long, summarized some of the changes that are being made to improve the efficiency of park maintenance.  A new “Activate San Jose” plan will be the new parks’ guiding document and should be in available to the public in June for community review.  MFPA will alert our members when it is presented.

Mr. Long and Dan Greeley, our Maintenance District Supervisor, spoke about the rodent problem affecting many San Jose parks, including ours.  They outlined the action that PRNS will be taking to alleviate the problem, and then answered questions from the floor.

Outgoing President, Rod Carpenter highlighted the achievements of MFPA during his two-year tenure:

  • Completion of the native plant Five Islands Project
  • Construction of the “Surf Shack” tool shed
  • Repair of the Meridian fence at TJ Martin Park
  • The Planting of over fifty new trees in both parks
  • Completion of the “Beautility” Water Vault Painting project
  • Partnership with PRNS Adopt-a-Park Program and Santa Clara County Association of Realtors, (SCCAOR), to maintain existing projects like the Jeffrey Fontana Memorial Rose Garden

Perhaps the most significant achievement of Rod’s term was the completion of the “Right of Entry” agreement with PRNS allowing MFPA to hire qualified contractors to work in the parks on MFPA projects!

Outgoing Secretary, Rich Grialou was honored with the “President’s Award” and received a plaque in appreciation of his contributions to MFPA.

President Rod Carpenter was presented with a plaque honoring his dedication and determination to oversee the accomplishments of the last two years.

The new Board of Directors goals for the next year include:

  • Ongoing maintenance projects with PRNS Adopt-a-Park and SCCAOR
  • The annual Heart of the Park Celebration on May 18, 2019
  • Continued collaboration with PRNS and the City to improve our parks

Thank You 2019 Sponsors

2019 begins another year of advocating for our TJ Martin and Jeffrey Fontana Parks.  Your Memberships and your Sponsorships make it possible for us to complete projects, beautify our parks, and advocate at the City level for increased maintenance and attention!  We want to take this opportunity to Thank and Salute all our Members and outstanding Sponsors.


COAST LIVE OAK                             

($1000 – $ $4,999)

Almaden Valley Nursery

Del Grande Dealership Group

East Bay Wilds Nursery

Office of Councilman Johnny Khamis, San Jose District 10 – SAP Grant


Santa Clara County Association of Realtors


($500 – $999)

Larry and Betty Hinman

Steve and Nicole Ricossa


  ($250 – $499)

Rod and Ellie Carpenter

John and Dolores Carr

Rich Grialou and Pat Burrow

Steve and Maureen Harrington

Maureen Ryan and Frank Leonardi

Don Phillips and Janet Morris

James and Sally Petersen

Ram and Anita Praturu

Pat and Sunny Wagstaff

Theresa and Ryan Wellman

Linda and Ron Wilson


($100 – $249)

Dennis and Linda Abad

Applied Materials Foundation

Thomas and S.D. Bailey

Vance and Jacki Bishop

Malcolm and Janie Bramwell

Robert and Annie Braunstein

Ralph Brooks

David and Honey Chai

Eldon and Nancy Cherniss

Richard Clark and Stacy Whiteman

James and Judith Eldridge

Linda and Gary Exberger

Vance and Grace Garland

Ernie Hirt

Stan and Gloria Hoo

Walt and Joyce Johnson

Michelle and Dan Judd

Mike and Nancy Kalashian

Howard and Carol King

Chris LaPlante

Michael and Cynthia Lauth

Pier and Gail Maggiani

Wayne and Linda Opp

Pat and Diane Pizzo

DeAnna and Sridhar Pursai

Ronak Shah

Kelly Shepherd and Dave Gonzales

Joanne Shimoguchi

Bill and Gayle Snyder

Shirley South

Dick and Joy Stevens

Joan Takemoto

Maureen and Paul Tarkington

Danielle Vigil

Robert and Carol Von Raesfeld

Gaya Vukkadala

Richard and Vicki Wendell

Introducing our new MFPA Board of Directors for 2019

From left to right they are: 

Rosy Bowring, Director; Michelle Judd, Director; new MFPA President, Linda Wilson; Robert Braunstein, Vice President; stepping down from President to Director, Rod Carpenter; Linda Opp, Secretary; & Patricia Wagstaff, Director.

Note:  Not present for the photo was our new Treasurer, Gaya Vukkadala  

Saving the Western Bluebird

According to the California Bluebird Recovery Program, (CBRP), newsletter, “Bluebirds Fly” Vol. 25, No. 1, Winter 2019, Lee Pauser was the top producer of 2018 out of 13 California counties.  He was responsible for the fledging of 1,850 birds (fledge means the bird has acquired the feathers necessary for flight or independent activity), and within that total he was responsible for the fledging of 701 Western Bluebirds.  Pretty impressive results!

Over the years, bluebirds have lived and reproduced in California. However, due to development in rural areas, much of their preferred habitat has been destroyed.

Lee’s primary activities are around birding.  However, he still finds time to lend a hand with the different Martin-Fontana Parks Association projects and taking care of the Guadalupe Oak Grove Park.    He is primarily involved in Owl, Duck and hawk/falcon nesting boxes.

When you see Lee, tell him ‘well done’!