A updated video of the Five Island Project by Patrick Pizzo

These Islands were created by the Martin-Fontana Parks Association (MFPA) to provide alternative landscape features using California Native plants. The five berms, or islands, are situated between Heritage Coast Live Oaks and were finalized in January of 2018.  They are in Jeffrey Fontana Park just across the street from 1278 Oakglen Way in San Jose.

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  1. Posted by Barbara Hunt on November 25, 2018 at 8:59 pm

    Hi Pat, thank you so much for sending this. I was delighted to watch it, the plants are looking great – they’ve really grown so much since I last saw them. Your chicken wire cages around a couple of plants gave me the idea that instead of planting things in my yard and seeing if the deer will leave them alone, I can just look at what you’ve planted and do the same. Barbara



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