One dying Oak tree removed & others trimmed

Here are photos of the dying Blue Oak near the dog park being removed and others being trimmed (see previous posting)

The Blue Oak was likely impacted by the drought and had succumbed to a bark beetle infestation.

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  1. Posted by Patrick P. Pizzo on July 15, 2017 at 10:25 am

    The bark beetle story is B.S. You can’t get accurate engineering information from PG&E and now their arborists come up with a story. If you take a look on the tree situation on the hill in the GOGP, from either the park itself, or from the residential streets on the N-E side of the park, looking back toward the Villas, one can see many dead and effected trees. If there is a tree immune to stress from drought it is the Blue Oak and that is the oak that was taken down; and the ones on the hills too are Blue Oak. We have a pathogen acting in the park (GOGP) and it has greatly effected the Blue Oak trees. The City has done nothing to recognize this problem nor to deal with it. We are over time going to lose most of the Blue Oak in GOGP and adjacent J.Fontana.

    About three years ago, PG&E topped the tree that died. Top pruning led to rapid vertical growth of new shoots and opened-up the tree to pathogens and these pathogens effect new growth each spring. It is the new leaves of Spring that withered and died and the bark beetle is not to blame. Was any evidence provided to back the bark-nettle claim? Whoops! Sorry. The evidence is all gone, chipped and removed. I propose that the City hire a tree-expert to evaluate the Blue Oak population of our two parks. Their task would be to determine the pathogen responsible for Blue Oak death on the hills, in particular, and to recommend what, if anything, could be done about it. It is past time that the GOGP get attention that it deserves, not from experts in tot-lots and turf conditioning (ya- our turf!); but from those with woodland, native plant, and oak tree expertise. The look and feel of GOGP is changing and NOT for the better.




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