Glowing Court Garden Area gets a Remake

Perhaps you have walked by the little garden area located next to the PG&E tower at  Glowing Ct. and Oakglen Way in TJ Martin Park in San Jose and noticed a change.  In November, Martin-Fontana Parks Association members, Cristina Hibbs, Larry Sasscer and Dennis Abad cleaned up the area.  They dug a trough and put down gopher screening to prevent the gophers from tunneling near the sidewalk.   Cristina even managed to get free mulch delivered from a local tree company.  She, along with Larry and Dennis, spread the mulch over the area.  In addition, the mow strip around the garden was cleared of grass and uncovered.  In the future, work will consist of some replacement plants and upkeep.

Great job, guys!  Thanks so much for taking time out of your day to make our walks in the park much nicer.

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