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MFPA-PG&E Annual Park Review Completed


The annual vegetation review with PG&E was completed last month.  The good news was we had only two small Oak trees in PG&E’s right of way removed.  A Australian Tea Leaf tree and a Toyon tree were planted as replacements.

Ten small volunteer trees (trees that nature planted) were removed.  Five were encroaching into some of the PG&E towers, two were dead, and three were in PG&E’s right of way.  PG&E requires the tower concrete supports be free of vegetation so they can be periodically inspected.

As a good will gesture, PG&E provided these 3 additional trees and included the cost of watering them for 3 years.

These were planted in the western end of TJ Martin Park.

Here are maps showing the tree locations:

TJ Martin map with photos

Fontana West map with photos

Our thanks to the Martin-Fontana Parks Association’s Negotiation Team of Dick Stevens, Mike Kalashian, Vince Piazzisi, Sunny Wagstaff, and Rich Zahner.

3rd Annual 4th of July Family Festival and Fireworks Show at Almaden Lake Park



After a great show, come out July 5th for the Clean-Up Party!

Location: Winfield side of Almaden Lake Park

Time: 9:00 AM

Coffe, juice, bagels, cream cheese, Danish, water for your enjoyment!

Pitch in and lend a hand with your friends, family and neighbors.

After a patriotic 4th of July, come out and volunteer with your community spirit.

Great opportunity for community service hours for students!