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Today is the 14th anniversary of our loss of Officer Jeffrey Fontana

Fontana poster

We now have a Kiosk in Jeffrey Fontana Park

Thanks to Troop 287’s Eagle Scout Candidate Joshua Harbman who, with some assistance from his Dad, and Martin-Fontana Parks Association’s Vice-President Larry Sasscer, has completed the construction and installation of the kiosk.  Some of the funds for construction were provided by Martin-Fontana Parks Association and the balance through fundraising by Scout Harbman.  Great job, guys.


Where are our plants going?

Planting the roses

Planting the roses

Every Fall, the project managers in our two parks plant new or replacement landscape plants. This is usually done after the first rains of at least 0.3 inches or more in 24 hours. Well, we haven’t had those rains yet; but we have experienced a problem with recent plantings. Plants are either being removed or they have been pulled from the soil and placed on-top of the soil near the plant location where they wither and die! Either way, this is a drain on our Martin-Fontana Parks Association resources, both people and money. We would appreciate if those residents using our two parks, T.J. Martin and Jeffrey Fontana, would keep attentive. If you see anyone carrying a plant, with the dirt root-ball exposed, crossing the park to their transportation, please use your smart phone to record the event and/or write down the license plate number. Direct confrontation is not advised. Any information you may provide that gives us a clue to whom and when would be greatly appreciated.

Pulling Weeds

Thanks, Pat Pizzo

Thanks Volunteers!

Thanks everybody!

Thanks everybody!

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Our organization was established to save the park trees from being cut down by PG&E. Additionally, we have adopted both TJ Martin and Jeffrey Fontana Parks through the City’s Adopt-a-Park program.  Saturday, Oct. 17th., we had a volunteer work party at Tree 13 to trim and clean up the wild-looking patch directly across from the tree. The area is at the corner of Castello Drive and Golden Oak Way in Jeffrey Fontana Park.

Volunteers were checked in at 9:00 am and worked until almost noon. Water and snacks were provided by the Martin-Fontana Parks Association. Tools were provided by the San Jose Adopt-a-Park program. Volunteers trimmed shrubbery, took out volunteer oak saplings, and did lots of weeding.

About 15 to 20 volunteers showed up and made short work of it. It was so nice to see so many young folks show up and spend their Sat morning helping to maintain the beauty of our Parks.

Scenes from Heart of the Park VI

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Happy Birds Parrot Show at Heart of the Park VI

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Heart of the Park VI was a win-win for all

Thanks to all these wonderful donors, we had over 40 raffle prize winners at

Heart of the Park VI this last Sunday the 4th of Oct:

Raffle Donors pageCheck out all these happy prize winners:

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Thanks to these Heart of the Park VI Silent Auction Donors