Is the drought killing trees?

In the interest of saving trees we offer the following:

San Jose Mercury News 09-12-2015
Residents’ efforts to conserve may be fueling the problem

By Kevin Kelly

MENLO PARK — The city claims the heritage oak as its symbol, but the actual trees that line its streets might not feel particularly adored.

The leader of the city’s Fire Department says some trees along his route are in such sad shape that he recently brought up the idea of forming a task force to make sure they’re getting enough water during the drought, now in its fourth year. He even broached the idea of sending firefighters out in a truck to water threatened trees along the rights of way if the cities in its coverage area were unwilling to set up a system to monitor the trees’ health.

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  1. Super I am so glad you quoted the SJ Merc article it was very good. People must realize that losing the trees is not an option, it must not happen. Individuals can chose to water their trees in lieu of lawn if the tree is in the lawn then both will benefit. Flowering plants must be watered as they benefit pollinators, without pollinators our own food supply will suffer. I hope the other cities around here, San Jose, Campbell, Los Gatos etc will heed this article and make sure the trees get what they need. Perhaps it will be less than they are accustomed to, but their needs should be met. Falling trees are a liability none of us want and wildlife can ill afford to be without their homes and food sources. And I hate to bring this up but we really do not have to shower every single day, try Mon,Wed,Fri, it may even be better for our skin.

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