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A Meeting with Mayoral Candidates Sam Liccardo & Dave Cortese

Last summer Martin-Fontana Parks Association invited both mayoral candidates to attend a Board meeting and discuss park issues with us. Councilman Liccardo responded and will be at the Villas Clubhouse at 2:00 PM on Wed. Oct. 15. We received no response from Supervisor Cortese’s campaign.
When: 2-2:45 PM, Wednesday Oct. 15
Where: The Villas at 5883 Meridian Ave.  At the main gate, enter 004 at the kiosk, then, when the gate opens, proceed through to the first right hand turn to the clubhouse.


We just learned that mayoral candidate Dave Cortese will be joining us today at the Villas to address our park issues. The first candidate, Sam Liccardo, will be with us from 2:00 to 2:30. Candidate Cortese will be with us from 3:00 to 3:30. We have given each candidate a list of questions to address on park issues. We are, by law, not allowed to endorse candidates. We are, as a nonprofit, allowed to campaign for issues that directly affect our interest, which is our parks.
Please join us to hear what each candidate has to say about our parks. This is a one issue meeting only. The candidates have been asked to address our park concerns and have a limited 30 minute window each to spend with us



Antiquated irrigation
Rodent damage
Funding for adequate time and personnel for maintenance
Requiring permit process for PG&E to cut trees
Protection of urban forest under PG&E lines
Working relationship between San Jose Parks, Recreation and Neighborhood Services and nonprofits such as MFPA


We encourage all members to attend if your schedule permits.
Support your local neighborhood parks. if we don’t, no one will!