No excuses now! Check out the new Dog Bag Dispensers.

Thanks to Martin-Fontana Parks Association members, Larry Sasscer, and  Sunny Wagstaff.  We now have new dog bag dispensers.  The wooden ones found in TJ Martin Park were made by Larry using lumber he had laying around.  He’s the guy who refurnished the wooden benches at the western end of TJ Martin Park.  You can see that Larry is a real craftsman.  The lid opens at the top to add more bags or to remove one.   The new green tubular ones were made by Sunny using material donated by Terry Mechanical, a local plumbing contractor.  Parks, Recreation & Neighborhood Services personnel had provided the ones in the small dog run & another one near the outside southeast corner of the large dog run fence.

Besides the dog bag dispensers, MFPA purchased signs to be placed near the dispensers to remind folks to pick up after their dogs do their “business ”  MFPA member Dick Stevens took care of finding & ordering the signs for us.

Now that we have these dispensers please help us out by bringing those small left over plastic bags you have at home down to the park to fill those dispensers.  I don’t know if the dogs will thank you but those walking in the park sure will.  Nothing can ruin a walk in the park more than stepping in “you know what”.


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  1. […] dog bag dispensers were created & mounted in TJ Martin Park.  See the August 28th, 2014 “No excuses now! Check out the new Dog Bag Dispensers” […]



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