Results of 2013 Fall Survey

Last fall, Martin-Fontana Parks Association (MFPA) sent electronic surveys to MFPA members by email, and to the NextDoor neighborhood sites surrounding the parks. Seventy-eight were returned and tallied showing the following priorities for TJ Martin and Jeffrey Fontana Parks.Survey Results 2014
Top priority was protecting trees by trimming them, removing dead and dying trees and replacing them. This aligns with the MFPA mission statement. We continue to monitor and work with PG&E and have introduced a tree trimming program with the Parks Dept.
Next on the list was addressing the turf problems caused by rodents and the aging irrigation system. Sprinkler heads are constantly clogged from rodent digging and valve wires being chewed. The irrigation system is 30 to 40 years old and many of the main valves need replacing. This combination leads to a dangerous turf surface for park users.
The parks’ rodent control program for the last few years has consisted of trapping and removing rodents. This inefficient program will not eradicate the population, which must be done before turf refurbishment can begin. MFPA has met with City Park managers to explore the alternatives to rodent control and push for a better solution. Parks, Recreation and Neighborhood Services (PRNS) is currently testing other methods in other parks that may be implemented this year.
Also in the top set of priorities was continuing to plant and mulch barren dirt areas. To support more planting and reduce the amount of time to hand water plants, we are exploring irrigation options.  Listed below are the Projects for 2014.

2014 Enhancement and Maintenance Projects

  • Continue tree trimming program with City
  • Clear out brush and volunteer trees in TJ
  • Continue lobbying City to improve rodent control
  • Lobby City for turf refurbishment plan
  • Native plant groupings near Heritage Trees
  • Extend irrigation lines for native plant groupings
  • Refurbish TJ wooden park benches Phase II
  • Native plants in Golf Creek dirt areas
  • Guadalupe Oak Grove Enhancement Lobbying
  • Install wooden fence for Island C in Fontana
  • Maintain Fontana Memorial Garden


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  1. Posted by norma campbell on December 24, 2014 at 3:23 pm

    sorry I cannot figure out how to correctly read your survey results graph can you explain how to read it



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