We want to know…

…who is making unauthorized removals of branches from our Heritage Trees.

Did anyone see someone cutting branches off the Oak Trees near the south entry to The Villas of Almaden over the weekend of the 1st & 2nd of March? Parks employee, Louie Anaya, discovered a large limb had been removed on Monday.   He thinks it may have happened over the weekend.  The fact that the cut looks like it was done professionally and that the limb was taken, suggests that it was being taken for a purpose other than just someone doing some pruning for the benefit of the tree. Now that the trees have been nicely pruned by PRNS, the beautiful trunks are very visible and are unfortunately now exposed. We are very concerned that this might happen again.


Limb removal

If you see any unauthorized person removing tree branches, other than PRNS employees, could you please contact the Martin-Fontana Parks Association with the information? Reporting it will give us a better idea of when it might have been done. We can be contacted via email at SaveOurParkTrees@gmail.com.  Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

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  1. Posted by Patrick Pizzo on March 7, 2014 at 1:35 pm

    I took a gander this a.m. and could not believe my eyes. This is a big, mama, branch! It is over a foot in diameter. It is not cut properly. There is nothing ‘professional’ about the cut. It is just so wrong! It is the multi-trunked nature of these Coast Live Oaks, an unusual feature, that gave them heritage status. This branch was a main from-the-base-of-the-trunk branch! I can envision no reason for a rogue woodsman to go after this branch?? What a shame! pppizzo



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