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Butterfly Refueling Station almost completed

Thanks to a lot of friends & neighbors donating their time & energy,

we just about have the Butterfly Habitat completed.

Work party

All that’s left is the placement of several large boulders in the retaining walls of the two areas.

Completed 2

Looking East towards McAbee Rd. & Golden Oak Way


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PG&E plan that would chop down thousands of trees

The following  story was on the front page of  the March 26th edition of the San Jose Mercury News this morning:  

“Pacific Gas & Electric is moving to cut down thousands of oaks, redwoods and elms across the Bay Area that block access to its natural gas pipelines, outraging city leaders who say the utility is disregarding local laws designed to protect trees.”


Trees along Locust Street, between Civic Drive and Bonanza Street, in downtown Walnut Creek, Calif., photographed on Tuesday, March 25, 2014. (Dan Honda/Bay Area News Group)


For the rest of the story click HERE

Coming soon— A Butterfly Garden

monarch butterfly photo (2)

The remaining open space in Fontana Park provides an opportunity to create an environment conducive to supporting native wildlife including highly visible and generally appreciated butterflies with little or no impact on neighbors. Butterflies can be attracted and induced to stay by providing their favorite nectar sources. Other plants serve as larval hosts providing the habitat butterflies need for other stages of life.

A successful butterfly habitat with larval host plants can be an educational resource and an opportunity for people to witness firsthand the amazing life cycle of butterflies. Since adult butterflies feed on nectar, the flowering host plants are also often quite attractive.

Monarch butterflies on a blazing star by Al Batt.

If you take a walk on the east end of Jeffrey Fontana Park you may see MFPA member, Dave Poeschel, out there shoveling away and moving boulders.  Be sure to stop by and say “Hello” and give him a big “Thank you” for all his hard work.

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Butterfly Garden overview

For a link to Dave’s plans click here.

The MFPA March 2014 Newsletter is here!

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Sidewalks Repaired

As you walked around our two parks you might have noticed all the strange markings on the sidewalks.  Well now we know that they were put there to mark where they would be repaired.  Thanks to the City, we now able to walk around without tripping over the cracks in the concrete.

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We want to know…

…who is making unauthorized removals of branches from our Heritage Trees.

Did anyone see someone cutting branches off the Oak Trees near the south entry to The Villas of Almaden over the weekend of the 1st & 2nd of March? Parks employee, Louie Anaya, discovered a large limb had been removed on Monday.   He thinks it may have happened over the weekend.  The fact that the cut looks like it was done professionally and that the limb was taken, suggests that it was being taken for a purpose other than just someone doing some pruning for the benefit of the tree. Now that the trees have been nicely pruned by PRNS, the beautiful trunks are very visible and are unfortunately now exposed. We are very concerned that this might happen again.


Limb removal

If you see any unauthorized person removing tree branches, other than PRNS employees, could you please contact the Martin-Fontana Parks Association with the information? Reporting it will give us a better idea of when it might have been done. We can be contacted via email at  Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

Dog Obedience Classes at Jeffrey Fontana Dog Park

Apr 16 to May 21, 2014.  Wednesdays,  6pm to 7pm at the Jeffrey Fontana Dog Park.

Residents: $69.00 and non-residents: $77.00.  Last day for standard registration: Apr 23, 11:59pm.  Last day for Internet registration: Apr 16.  Six sessions with instructor Lori Hamilton.  This class is offered by the City of San Jose Parks, Recreation and Neighborhood Services.

Dog Trainer, Lori Hamilton

Dog Trainer, Lori Hamilton

Students will learn to train their dogs to heel, sit, down stay, stand  for examination, recall and socialize. Owners learn to problem solve and care for their dogs. Dogs must be at least four months old and be current with their first three sets of shots (including rabies, bordatella, parvo) and come to class with a leash on.  Be sure to bring your furry friend to the first class.