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Owls welcome! Your new home is ready!

Owl box

Owl box

Thanks to Lee Pauser and Larry Sasscer, we have a new owl box at the west end of T.J. Martin park.  Park users and personnel…. It is important to keep loud/noisy equipment & activities away from the box during nesting season. Nesting season in a normal year is January thru July 1st.  Owls can be spooked causing egg abandonment or pre-fledging of owlets.  Watch out gophers & squirrels!

Scout Troop 262 adds some Fall beauty to our Park

What a crew!

Back Row, standing (left to right): T.C. Chen, Harry Oberhelman, Sabrina Lin, Tiyen Lin, Ryan Chen, Derek Chen, Nathan Chortek, Pat Daly, Christina Daly
Front Row, kneeling (left to right): Evan Chen, George Bitar, Aaron Lin, Wesley Brock, Daniel Chun, Ivana Rajman, Alex Khamis, Costi Khamis, Ryan Daly, Connor Daly, Nolan Daly (facing away)

On a beautiful Saturday morning, the 2nd of November, Scout Troop 262, headquartered at the Almaden Hills United Methodist Church, was out in force to help beautify their local Jeffrey Fontana Park. Those of you who use McAbee Road to get to and from your weekend destinations may have noticed this enthusiastic group planting the east-side of the fence that defines their first effort of last Fall 2012, the Eagle Scout project of Andrew Oberhelman. Thanks to the leadership of Scoutmaster Richard Blume, Troop 262 has adopted this area of the park which they continue to care for and improve. The Parks Department (PRNS) is pleased to have community groups take a special and active interest in San Jose City Parks and Jeffrey Fontana Park well illustrates this point. With the direct financial support of Martin-Fontana Parks Association and the cooperation and direct participation of PRNS, this project was made possible. Drought resistant California native plants and some Mediterranean zone plant species are featured in this landscape, thus minimizing the water requirements. The Scouts have already seen the fruits of their labor in the Spring 2013 project and they cannot wait to see the Spring bloom of 2014, assuming the Fall winter rains will arrive soon! Many thanks to these young scouts of Troop 262 for improving the quality of life in their community and thanks to MFPA member, Patrick Pizzo, who provided the coordination and planning for the effort!  Thanks also to Louie Anaya of the Parks Dept. for all his help in planting and providing the proper tools and equipment needed.

The finished project

The finished project

Besides the planting in the Scout Project, Lee Pauser guided the Scouts in the Cotoneaster Patch, near Tree 13, to remove volunteer Oaks and spruce up the Coyote Brush. It now looks great and is oak-sapling free. They also planted three plants in the patch: one Dr. Hurd Manzanita and two Silk Tassel Trees,which we think residents and park users will greatly appreciate.

See what the Almaden Times Weekly had to say about the event.

More photos from Sat’s Nov 2nd Scout Project

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