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Nancy Pyle back home after “Life Threatening” stay in the hospital

Nancy Pyle is on the right.

Nancy Pyle is on the right.

Per the latest ABVnews, two term D-10 City Council Woman Nancy Pyle is back home today after spending nearly two weeks in the hospital with what she described as life threatening treatments. Pyle initially checked into Kaiser Hospital in Santa Clara to have surgery to remove a Carcinoid on her lung. She says the surgery went well but after surgery she suffered serious heart problems. Pyle says at one point her heart rate reached 171 with a bad sinus rhythm. She says her blood pressure was “all over the place”.
Pyle is fine now and thanks the help from the fine doctors and nurses at Kaiser for their outstanding help. She is now at home.
The popular two term Council Member won election to represent District 10 in 2004. She was re-elected with the most votes in the history of this district in 2008.


Vegetation Management Best Practices

Chairman Jon Wellinghoff Statement

Chairman Jon Wellinghoff

Chairman Jon Wellinghoff

June 21, 2012
Docket No. IN12-16-000
Item No. A-3

“A recurring cause in this and many blackouts has been vegetation-related outages. Environmental issues, property rights and cost, among other things, play an important role in every company’s vegetation management program. In my view, the most successful vegetation management program have, as one of the core elements, a strategy to engage the property owners in an adequate, timely and forthright manner and to work cooperatively with those property owners.

For example, it is important to give the property owner sufficient notice about the impending activity including the type of vegetation management that is planned – for instance trimming or herbicide application. In some cases, a company may get the property owner to agree to the planned action by simply switching methodologies say from herbicide application to trimming.

Successful vegetation management programs also help property owners maintain and even enhance the environmental benefits and aesthetics of the right-of-way while ensuring sufficient clearance between the vegetation and energized conductors. For example, trees that are expected to grow into the transmission lines are removed and replaced with lower growing native species that provide a shelter for indigenous wildlife. Another practice that property owners appreciate is a small tree voucher program that allows them to select smaller trees from nurseries to replace the larger trees that are removed from the right-of-way. These efforts may even help persuade property owners to allow vegetation management outside of both jurisdictional facilities and the existing right-of-ways.

The current reliability standard FAC-003 requires both a formal transmission vegetation management plan and an annual plan for vegetation management work. I believe that companies should make these plans available to the public, including the affected landowners, by posting them on their website.

I urge all companies to include these components in their vegetation management programs.

As a final point, we continue to receive complaints that utilities are clear-cutting right-of-ways in order to comply with reliability standard FAC-003. In some cases, reliability standard FAC-003 has been cited as the reason for clear-cutting even when it does not apply, e.g. transmission lines below 200 kV and distribution lines. The standard only requires that a minimum clearance be maintained and does not prescribe the methodology that utilities are required to use. Companies should not misrepresent the reason for the vegetation action by overstating the requirements or applicability of the standard.”

Jon Wellinghoff is the Chairman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, or FERC.


Goodbye Weeds, Gophers, and Sprinkler Repairs

Theodora  & Tom Morse

Theodora & Tom Morse

For the last quite a few months Larry Sasscer and I have been corresponding directly with PRNS to address the gopher, irrigation and weed issues for TJ Martin Park. Although the contractor has caught well over 100 gophers the last two months, I think he is far outnumbered by the “furry” creatures. We have recommended using the Rodenator or a carbon monoxide generator but PRNS doesn’t want to use them. July starts the new fiscal year and PRNS has to determine what funds they will have available in the coming months. Although park employees Louie and Joyce have other parks to take care off,  they have really stepped up the irrigation, sprinkler repairs, trimming trees and eradication of the weeds. The park is looking a lot better.

On another note, we are selling our home and have purchased a home at The Villages, which is the +55 gated community located in the Evergreen area. We have lived here for 35 years and have some very fond memories, which we will always cherish.


Tom Morse

Tom Morse

Some observations by Pat Pizzo

Pat Pizzo

Pat Pizzo

Some observations of the T.J. Martin, Guadalupe Oak Grove and J. Fontana Parks:

My name is Pat Pizzo and I spend some hours in these parks since 2010 as part of the Martin-Fontana Parks Association (MFPA) and I wish to share some observations.   These are my personal observations and do not necessarily reflect the views of MFPA or its executive board.

Our parks are connected; and events in one may influence events in the other.  That is why I have included Guadalupe Oak Grove Park.

For the rest of Pat’s comments click here.

Guadalupe Oak Grove Park Clean Up July 6, 8 am to noon


Join Councilman Johnny Khamis, the Parks Dept, community members and volunteer groups pruning trees and removing coyote brush.  Meet near the restroom at the Thorntree Entrance and Parking Lot.

Please wear  appropriate clothing and shoes. Gloves and limited tools will be provided, but feel free to bring your own as well, such as pruning tools and rakes  (no power tools).  Water, coffee, and snacks will be provided to all volunteers by District 10. If you have any questions, please contact Rayshelle at or call 408-535-4910. We hope to see you there!

Note:  If you are interested check out Guadalupe Oak Grove Park’s Master Plan.