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Our City Forest reminds us that hot weather means thirsty trees!

The next week is supposed to be a scorcher, so be sure to keep hydrated and don’t forget about your trees too!  In the summer, the need for water increases, so be sure sure and check the soil at the base of the tree to make sure it has enough moisture.  This is especially important for trees under three years old.

For those looking to help water more than just your own trees, Our City Forest (OCF) is looking for watering volunteers during these hot summer months!  Get outside, have some fun in the sun, and make sure that San Jose’s trees get plenty to drink this summer!

For more information on watering, please call Julian at 408-998-7337 x 118, or email him at

This is your MFPA Board in Action

Paper work

From left to right are Secretary Pat Wagstaff, Team Leader/Coordinator Patrick Pizzo, TJ Martin area Director Larry Sasscer, Fontana/Villas Director Dick Stevens, Treasurer Bob Heldt, and Vice President Mike Kalashian.  Not shown but present were President Linda Wilson, Director at Large Vince Piazzisi, and AV/Website Chair Sunny Wagstaff .

As you can see, it takes a lot of paperwork to keep the parks looking nice.