Tree Trimming done on 25 June

From our inception as a nonprofit in 2010, we have worked to achieve an agreement with the City of San Jose to let us fund a tree-trimming program in our parks using the City’s contractor.  With an agreement between the City’s Parks, Recreation and Neighborhood Services Dept. and Martin-Fontana Parks Association, we have now achieved this milestone.

One of our park managers has gone through both parks with the city contractor to identify those trees that needed trimming and shaping for health and appearances. For this first round of trimming, twelve trees were trimmed on Tuesday, June 25.

Four of those trees identified were action items in our last round of discussions with PG&E last March. The contractor trimmed and shaped both the Blue Oak just west of the end of the dog park & another one that shades the Jeffrey Fontana Memorial bench area.  They also trimmed back the branches on the southern side of each tree nearest the overhead power lines and removed any dead wood.  The four Golden Rain trees near the tot lot were trimmed and shaped .

Click on the maps below to see their locations:

Here are photos of the trees:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thanks to your generous donations and membership support, we now have the funding, ability, and the access to keep them trimmed.

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