Great American Clean-Up Day and Earth Day Event

SCCAOR Volunteers

SCCAOR Volunteers (left to right) Al Johnson, Barbara Johnson, Theresa Allen, Melanie Ventura, Carl San Miguel, Lucy Ramos, Gary Peralta, Linda Soto, Tom Leaks, Gavin (Grandson of Sateesh Lele), Doug Keeler, Dave Walsh, Neil Collins, Grace Garland, Ramzey Amireh, Sateesh Lele, Don Tornincasa, Jessica Hooley, Mitch  Hooley, Cinda Hoyt, Jason Skowronski, and Gloria Ashdown.

A group of volunteers from the Santa Clara County Association of Realtors (SCCAOR) worked in the Jeffrey Fontana Memorial Garden on McAbee planting 32 new rose bushes and other plants to replace those lost over the last three years since the garden was established.  SCCAOR has pledged to weed, replace plants if necessary, and generally keep the garden looking beautiful by working on it twice a year for three years.  Not only are they providing the labor, they awarded MFPA with a grant of $3000 over the next three years to cover all the costs of maintance and plant replacement.  The Almaden Valley Nursery provided the plants, purchased by MFPA at a 40% discount.  This was truly a community working together to achieve a beautiful result.

The Petree Family

The Petree Family

PJ, Sydney, & Megan all pitch in to plant some roses.

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