Neighborhood Safety Meeting has big turnout

Photo by Margie Heldt

Photo by Margie Heldt

Per the latest Almaden Blossom Valley News:

“Sunday night hundreds of Almaden residents gathered at the Amato’s restaurant for a community meeting on crime. Members of the Police Department and City Staff were asked to answer questions on the recent rise in crime in the area. The restaurant was packed and hundreds gathered outside to hear answers to their questions.

Police handed out fliers with suggestions on how to be safe in your homes and talked about being pro active in our neighborhoods to be as safe as we can be.

ABV news talked with the woman who was taped up and in her home this past week along with her husband in the Shadowbrook neighborhood. The suspects stole two cars and some personal items in the home invasion robbery. She wanted to make sure everyone knows she feels the police did an outstanding job in handling her case. She believes all the suspects will be in custody soon. She and her husband are doing well.  Check out the follow-up to the story.

City Councilman Johnny Khamis told the crowd he does not believe Measure B has anything to do with the exodus of officers from San Jose to neighboring departments.

A San Jose officer disagreed with Khamis saying Measure B is the reason for the departures and why according to him morale is at an all time low. Khamais said he believes the release of prisoners statewide is the reason for the increase in crime, though he had no stats to support this.
Asked twice what he would do to stem the tide of officers leaving the city Khamis did not have a plan and each time went back to Measure B and the lack of city funds to pay for more officers.”

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