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Remembering San Jose Police Officer Jeffrey Fontana

In honor of Officer Jeffrey Fontana,  a standing spray of flowers has been placed next to the park identification sign on McAbee.

Jeffrey Fontana Memorial Garden

It was 11 years ago that Officer Jeffrey Fontana was killed.  The Jeffrey Fontana park was dedicated to him along with a memorial and plaque near the tot lot.  He was shot in the line of duty while patrolling the near by neighborhood on the 28th of October, 2001.

Note:  MFPA was not the ones who placed the spray of flowers there.

Tree Moving

Moving the Ghirardi Compton Oak in League City, Texas

How’s this for a tree move.  Check out the video:  Thanks to MFPA Vice-President Mike Kalashian for bringing this to our attention.  Does it give you any ideas?

Third Annual October Work Day in Jeffrey Fontana Park

Saturday, October 13 from 9:00-11:00

Join with Adopt-a-Park volunteers from the community on our Annual Fall Spruce-up Day!!

Choose your special interest project from spreading mulch, to pulling weeds, to pruning small shrubs to beautify your park.

Meet at the Jeffrey Fontana Statue near the tot lot:

  • Sign in
  • Choose your project*
  • Enjoy coffee, tea, water, refreshments
  • Work tools will be available on site (wear sturdy shoes, bring gloves if you have them)


  • Spread mulch near Golf Creek east of McAbee.
  • Pull up date palms growing from unauthorized mulch east of McAbee.
  • Clean weeds out of the Jeffrey Fontana Memorial Garden west of McAbee.
  • Spread mulch under the two towers in front of the dog parks.
  • Clean up and prune the areas around the cell phone tower near Meridian.
  • Clean weeds out of the newly planted bus stop area on Meridian.



Fall Planting Projects

There are three park-projects in the works by MFPA for this Fall. Andrew Oberhelman, a local Boy Scout, is designing and implementing a landscape on the east-side of McAbee, across from the J. Fontana Memorial Garden.

All who use McAbee Road are aware of the need for landscaping at this location! Andrew is doing this project in partial fulfillment of his Eagle/Life Scout requirements. He will be planting California Native Plants (mostly in the manzanita family) come November.

The second project is the creation of California Native Plant Island C (NPI-C),

which will be located in Fontana West, just west of the existing NPI-A. It will be very similar to the one we planted in Fontana West this last Spring. Finally, work will continue on beautifying the area across from Glowing Court, just east of the Soccer Fields in T. J. Martin Park. The Fortnight Lilies were just too much to maintain and try to keep under control! Drought resistant plants with Spring color are replacing the lillies.

Now, as you know, we did some fund-raising ( and fun-raising, come to think of it) at our Third Annual, Heart-of-the-Park Event this last August. However, we need your continued support to maintain the effort to restore and improve our Parks. If you wish to contribute directly to any one of these tree projects, please consider using the “Make a Donation” link on the top-right of the homepage, and use Pay-Pal or whatever means is convenient to you to donate. If you want to support a particular project, reference one of the following:

The Scout Project at McAbee
Native Plant Island “C”
Restoration Project at Glowing Court

Of course, a general contribution to MFPA would be greatly appreciated.

If you like what you see in the way of Park Restoration and Improvements, please consider donating to MFPA; and thank you for your consideration.

P. P. Pizzo, Chairman
Park Restoration and Improvement Committee