HEART OF THE PARK III takes in over $2000 in donations

Vallie Sharpe-Geisler, with lots of help, reads out the winning numbers

Sunday, August 19 marked the third celebration of our nonprofit, dedicated to saving as many trees as possible from PG&E chainsaws, and improving areas of TJ Martin and Jeffrey Fontana Park marked by earlier tree removals.

Nearly 100 neighbors turned out for cupcakes, coffee, and the big fundraiser raffle to raise funds for the 2013 projects.  The raffle was well attended, with several gift baskets and gift cards going to the participants.  This year, we cleared slightly over $2000 in donations, the best year we have ever had!  Several members signed up for new memberships and we had many renewals from past supporters.

The event began with the dedication of the Bench at Tree #13, and the celebration of saving the iconic tree doomed to be the thirteenth tree removed in spring, 2012.   We were delighted to thank Councilmember Nancy Pyle for the $2000 city grant we recently received for community beautification.

Councilmember Nancy Pyle

Participants enjoyed visiting the nonprofit tables of our park partners, viewing the displays of MFPA accomplishments over the last two years, and learning what projects are slated for completion in 2012, including the planting of Island C and the improvement of the McAbee frontage in Fontana Park.  The Glowing Ct. garden in TJ Martin Park will be improved, and three new trees will be planted.

Park partners

We thank our volunteers, supporters, and raffle sponsors for making this day a stellar event for MFPA, and have already begun plans for park improvements and tree replacements in 2013.  Meanwhile, we continue to negotiate with PG&E each winter to limit the tree removals.

See what the Almaden Times Weekly had to say about the event.

  Click here.

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