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According to the Kenwood Press:  PG&E has told Oakmont and Bennett Valley residents on May 7th that they intend to clear cut the entire 39 mile long high voltage line from Petaluma to the Geysers.

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Back on on Friday, Feb. 24th, Assemblyman Michael Allen (D-7th) introduced legislation  aimed at getting PG&E “to adequately protect public safety while implementing good forestry practices, protecting heritage trees, and respecting community values.” (AB 2556). It was passed out of Utilities and Commerce Committee of Assembly, on April 23rd.  To read more…


State Assembly update May 30 2012

AB 2556 was passed out of Utilities and Commerce Committee of Assembly, April 23rd. It did not pass the appropriations committee and is now considered a dead bill. 


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  1. What all these people shoulddo is get a copy of the Migratory Bird Act its on the net, this outlines what can be done during bird season which is now. They cannot cut, disturb any bird nest occupied or not as long as it is being used. They should call Fish & Game. PG&E does not selectivly cut and they cut way too often, and always during active birding time. The local Audubon should also be able to help. Check with the Sonoma Wildlife Rehab Center talke to their bird person believe her name is Veronica Bowers or they will know how to get ahold of her. PG&E’s statewide cutting practices whould be examined andoverhauled.



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