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May 2012 Newsletter from Councilmember Nancy Pyle

MFPA President Linda Wilson and Councilmember Nancy Pyle

Dear Community Member,
On Arbor Day, April 27th, I had the pleasure to participate in the
dedication of a large grove of magnificent oak trees in Jeffrey Fontana
Park. These trees were designated to be Heritage Oaks by the City of
San Jose in August 2011 and after much effort by the Martin Fontana
Parks Association and the TJ Martin Neighborhood Association the
Heritage Grove was dedicated to the community.

Read the rest of what Nancy Pyle, District 10 Councilmember had to say here.

News update from Save Our Sonoma Trees

According to the Kenwood Press:  PG&E has told Oakmont and Bennett Valley residents on May 7th that they intend to clear cut the entire 39 mile long high voltage line from Petaluma to the Geysers.

Read the entire article here… 

Back on on Friday, Feb. 24th, Assemblyman Michael Allen (D-7th) introduced legislation  aimed at getting PG&E “to adequately protect public safety while implementing good forestry practices, protecting heritage trees, and respecting community values.” (AB 2556). It was passed out of Utilities and Commerce Committee of Assembly, on April 23rd.  To read more…


State Assembly update May 30 2012

AB 2556 was passed out of Utilities and Commerce Committee of Assembly, April 23rd. It did not pass the appropriations committee and is now considered a dead bill. 


103-year-old man to be buried in coffin made from tree he fought for decades to protect

Frank Knight was a professional logger but earned his true legacy spending decades protecting New England’s tallest elm tree. But as all things must, the 217-year-old tree nicknamed “Herbie” eventually succumbed to Dutch elm disease. And over the weekend, 103-year-old Knight died as well. But as a final tribute to this unique relationship between man […]

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Helping Hands part two

The Helping Hands

Thanks to the members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who came back for a second round to finish painting the fence and move more mulch.  We now have a matching green fence across from the one that was painted during the Beautiful Day project in Nov of 2010.

We hope to have them back next Thursday the 17th to finish it all up.

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