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Braving the Monsoon!

March 31 Tree Planting at TJ Martin and Jeffrey Fontana Parks

Our City Forest volunteers and Tree Amigos joined with volunteers from MFPA last Saturday, digging 16 holes with pick and shovel, and planting 16 young trees.

The Daisy Brownie troop from Los Alamitos, their parents, and siblings also had their own little project.  With supervision from a trusty OCF Tree Amigo, they dug their hole, and planted what will someday become a majestic Coast Live Oak.  To celebrate the Girl Scouts 100th birthday this year, they adopted the tree and will participate in its care.

We want to thank Theresa Wellman, Johnny Khamis, Sunny and Pat Wagstaff, Larry Sasscer, Pat Pizzo, Vince Piazzisi, Dave Poeschel, Bob and Marge Heldt (our photographer), Mike Kalashian, Gail Hospidor, and Gary Wilson for braving the storm. We really appreciate your support.

The Daisy Brownie troop from Los Alamitos

These three little elves popped up in the woods to help us

MFPA has contracted with Our City Forest to plant and water these trees for a period of three years, until they have become established enough to survive on their own.

A big” THANK YOU” to all our volunteers who braved pouring rain, cold temperatures, and a monsoon-like 35 mile an hour wind to finish this project within two hours!

Digging in the rain

NEXT TREE PLANTING:  Saturday, April 21 @ 9 am – meet in Jeffrey Fontana Park at the corner of Meridian and Oakglen Way.

Thanks to Margie Heldt for the great photos.