Thanks to our Army of Volunteers, we did it!

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On Saturday the 28th of January,  MFPA, Adopt-a-Park, Cub Scout Pack 282, Boy Scout Troop 262, AAP high school students from Presentation, Lynbrook, and other schools along with other community volunteers worked with the City of San Jose Parks Dept. (PRNS) to spread large mounds of mulch throughout Jeffrey Fontana Park East of McAbee Road.  About 50 to 60 volunteers met at the Adopt-a-Park trailer Saturday morning and contributed one to  three hours getting the mulch spread and doing some planting too.

Dave Poeschel demonstrates the proper planting method

All the necessary tools such as rakes, wheel barrows, shovels and gloves were provided by Adopt-a-Park.  In addition, the Parks Dept. provided a skid steer loader with driver to help move around some of bigger piles of mulch.

The wheel barrel brigade

In a controlled experiment the Parks Dept. volunteers were provided  cardboard for the skin area southeast of the pedestrian bridge. This will be a testing site to see if cardboard under the mulch will be an effective weed control method for weed abatement.  If this works out they will be able to cut down the use of chemical weed control.

Lots of thanks to our many hard-working volunteers for getting the mulch spread! Many hands made light work.

Mom’s little helper

Little man big man

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