Happy New Year MFPA Friends and Members

Happy New Year MFPA Friends and Members,

MFPA President Linda Wilson

Working in 2012 to improve our parks!  This Saturday, January 7, join our Board of Directors and Restoration Team as we walk through TJ Martin and Jeffrey Fontana Parks.  We want to hear your ideas about what you think needs to be done to “spruce up” and improved our park environments.

We will begin our tour at 9:00 am at the far west side of TJ Martin Park, near Fleet Street and Weimar Ave.  Our first walk will take us east through the park, crossing Burchell and ending at Meridian Ave.  If TJ Martin Park is your main area of concern, join us and give us your ideas for possible projects for this area.

At 10:00 we will cross Meridian to Jeffrey Fontana Park and repeat the process .  If the Fontana Park area where the most tree loss from PG&E has occurred is your area of concern, join us as we walk through to McAbee, across McAbee and through the Golf Creek area to Almaden Expressway.  This is a larger area and will probably take more than an hour.

We want to know what is important to you, share some projects already in our Master Plan, and get ideas to help us set priorities for the 2012 project year based on our budget projections.

Hope you can join us!  We are looking forward to hearing your ideas and concerns.

Linda Wilson, the MFPA Board of Directors, and the Community Restoration Team

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