The Mulch Gang

Spending 2-3 hours with help from over 20 volunteers, we had the bugs on the run last Saturday the 3rd when we spread the mulch over the landscape.  Fueled with free pastries and a pot of coffee donated by the local Princeton Plaza Starbucks, we made what seemed like a hundred trips with the wheelbarrows.

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We are working on having another mulch spreading day on Saturday, January 28th.   We hope to see all you experienced volunteers back to spread the mulch from McAbee to Golf Creek.  Don’t worry, you will all have forgotten  how hard the work was by then.  Just remember all the great exercise you got and how you’ll need to get rid of all those extra pounds gained over the holidays.

Thanks so much for coming out and supported your community parks.

Also, thanks to Margie Heldt & Sunny Wagstaff for provided the photos.

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