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Donate now

Just to let you all know, thanks to Russ Petruzzelli’s hard work, we now have a Donation Button on our website.  You will find it in the far column to the right, the second box down labeled “Help Improve Your Park“.  Try it out and see what you think.  Please note, when you donate you will see a line reading “Add special instructions to the seller” on the form.  Please feel free to add any comments you may have here, such as to what the donation is for, etc.

Thanks so much for any & all donations you may make.  With the City of San Jose cutting the budgets for the Parks, you can rest assured that we will put every penny we get into preserving and enhancing both TJ Martin and Jeffrey Fontana parks.

This pie chart is from Councilmember Nancy Pyle’s October 2011 Newsletter:

Constituent Concern Chart:

Notice that the biggest slice of the pie were concerns about Parks, Recreation, and Neighborhood Services.  Your donations will help us address some of those concerns.