San Jose cuts parks’ doggie bag budget

Have you seen the notice on the doggie bag stations in our parks yet?

According to a story in the Aug 24th edition of the San Jose Mercury News, the City of San Jose hopes to save $60,000 annually.  Now this story “San Jose cuts doggie poop bags from budget“.

Janine shows how it's done. Photo by Dick Stevens.

A new dispenser has been added in Jeffrey Fontana Park near the Jeffrey Fontana memorial where the old one was on a trial basis.  Users are encouraged to bring their recycled plastic bags from home to put in it for others to use.

The story in San Jose Mercury News says that the Friends of the San Jose Rose Garden have started their own dog bag program.  For a $80 donation, you will receive 2,000 bags (10 boxes of 200 bags).  You can go to their web site for more info:

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