James Reber says “San Jose parks are endangered”

There are three things the people of San Jose need to know about their parks system in order to save it.

First of all, let me describe what I mean by our “parks system.” This includes nearly 3,000 acres of parkland, more than 54 miles of trails, 55 community centers, and all of the programs and services contained therein. For most of us, though, it is a rather personal and comfortable relationship with one of the 200-plus neighborhood parks.

The three things that you need to know:

Other news articles you might want to read: 

(City of San Jose) “City Attempts to make Parks safe for residents in spite of new budget and staff cuts

(City of Saratoga) “Saratoga goes green by removing green grass

Is this what’s going to happen to our Jeffrey Fontana and T.J. Martin Parks?  You can help keep our parks beautiful by joining the Martin-Fontana Parks Association.

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