Check out the Native Plants along Capitancillos Drive

One of the items the Martin-Fontana Parks Association is considering, is the use of California Native Plants to beautify our two parks.  Spring is the peak bloom period for many natives;  Ceanothus, Manzanita and Bush Lupine.  There is a fine example of a blue Ceanothus along the south-side walk in TJ Martin Central at the base of the PG&E towers, south of the Redwoods by the Strand kid’s park.  Nearby, off Coleman Road in the Oak Canyon Development, there is a 0.6-mile long California native plant demonstration garden along Capitancillos Drive.  There you will find over 320 native plants between the row of Coast Live Oaks.

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Travel north on Redmond till it ends at Oak Canyon Drive.   Turn right and you will come to Capitancillos Drive.  The demonstration garden is open 24/7 as it is in the SJ City Park-strip.  Please, visit the Capitancillos garden and view the natives in bloom.  Each plant has it’s own identifying sign.  In addition to the buckeyes recently planted in TJ Martin Central and Dave Poschel’s planting of native trees in Fontana Park, other California native plant’s will be introduced into our parks.  Which are your favorites?

Pat Pizzo

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  1. Posted by Irene Rutledge on April 1, 2011 at 9:56 am

    Pat, thanks for sharing this. Didn’t realize this wonderful “nature stroll” existed before your post. Went by Friday before last with husband and daughter. We passed two women and asked whether this was a community planting. They said it was the work of a volunteer. At some point, I mentioned your name, and they said you were the volunteer who cared for these plants. Such modesty! Daughter and I particularly liked the mountain lilac.



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