PG&E removes and trims trees in both parks

On the 28th of February, PG&E fulfilled their agreement with our Association, by removing 7 trees and trimming others.  PG&E spokesperson, Kamran Rasheed said that the trees in the parks will be reevaluated next year.

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  1. Posted by Greg on March 1, 2011 at 5:27 pm

    Thanks to all the diligent work by the MFPA – neighbor dedication to this has been instrumental. The fact of the matter is that when PG&E came screaming into town last year with their grand cut plan we found that their urgency was misplaced – especially proven with no incident of their lines contacting any of the trees that remained that had previously been condemned to their chainsaws. Today we lost more trees that have never been really proven to be dangerous to their mission. There should have been a pre-planting of new trees to safe maturity before these were removed. It is sad that we have little say in what is stapled to their towers and ripped from our parks.



  2. […] is more info on the removal of the 7 trees that were taken from the park late February […]



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