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Update to extending PG&E tower in Fontana Park

UPDATE: As you can see by the photo, the new microwave dishes were installed without requiring the extension of the tower.  Apparently no further public hearings were required.  See the letter of protest MFPA has sent to the City of San Jose’s Director of the Planning and Building Dept.

A public hearing was held Wednesday, Oct 13 @ 6:30 p.m. in the City Council Chambers at City Hall.  It was proposed to extend this tower an additional 10 ft and add 3 more panel antennae and 3 more microwave dishes to the extension.

Local neighborhood residents, Vince Piazzisi, Arthur Gilmore, & Jean LaMarca, spoke at the hearing.  According to Jean LaMarca, the Clearwire contractor deferred the item about the wireless Permit to another meeting date.    The Planning commission and City attorney want to review ordinances, etc. more thoroughly before making a decision.  The Clearwire representative talked with them after the meeting and said she would like to meet with neighbors.  Mrs. LaMarca said “she was cordial and ready to address our concerns”.  The next hearing will be on the Nov. 17th agenda.  Here is the video link of the Oct 13th hearing.  After arriving at the website, go to where it says “Jump To…” on the left of the page, then select item 4b. CP10-015. Wireless – Conditional Use Permit.  The local neighborhood residents are heard speaking starting at the 38:20 minute mark.