MFPA comes to an Agreement with PG&E

On February 16, 2011, representatives from PG&E and Martin-Fontana Parks Association met and reached an agreement on the phase 2 winter removals, trimming, and plans for the parks under the high tension power lines.

Originally, PG&E had decided to remove 16 trees by the end of February. After three meetings with PG&E, the number of removals was reduced to 7 trees. By the end of this month PG&E will have crews out and working in the parks. (All trees, on these lists, are identified by a numbered medallion attached to them, and in addition, those marked for removal have a yellow caution ribbon strung around them).

Trees in list C will have their growth monitored and evaluated throughout the year.

A.        These trees will be removed:

#2        Flowering Plum                          TJ Martin West

#5        Sycamore                                     TJ Martin East

#14      Flowering Plum                         Fontana West

#18      Holly Oak                                     Fontana West

#19      Three Coastal Live Oaks*     Fontana West

*The three Coastal Live Oaks are on the Villa’s fence line near the dog parks. We have since learned that they play a vital role as part of a privacy and sound screen for Villas neighbors. We will work to mitigate their removal by planting new shrubbery if the trees cannot be topped or trimmed.  See photos.

B.        These trees will be trimmed and/or topped:

#1                    Pine                                    TJ Martin West

#6                   Liquid Amber                 TJ Martin East

#7, 8,9,12   Sycamores                       TJ Martin East

#20                Golden Rain                    Fontana West

C.        The following trees were placed on watch/monitor list:

#3                    Flowering Plum            TJ Martin West

#10 & 11        Pistachios                       TJ Martin East

#15                  Coastal Live Oak          Fontana

#16 & 17        Crepe Myrtles              Fontana

2 Crepe Myrtles (no numbers)        Fontana

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  1. […] past February, PG&E planned to remove 16 trees, but with the diligent work of MFPA, 9 of those trees were saved!  MFPA has been working hard to maintain the parks as they are.  […]



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