We get a bigger piece of the pie

Displayed in the January 2011 Newsletter of  Councilmember Nancy Pyle is this pie chart:

Constituent Concern Chart - Jan 2010

As you can see, Tree Removals in TJ and Fontana Park got 449 comments and requests.  Far exceeding all the others.  In May of last year we had 350 comments and requests.  Let’s all keep up the good work and express our concerns over the potential loss of the trees in both parks this new year ahead.  Councilmember Nancy Pyle can be contacted at (408) 535-4910 or emailed at E- district10@sanjoseca.gov.

You can also sign up for her Monthly Newsletter at http://www.sanjosed10.com/Site/Register.aspx

One response to this post.

  1. Great job everyone! Let’s continue to flood Nancy’s office with oincerns!!



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