Jeffrey Fontana Park Trail and Native Plant Restoration, Dec 11 @ 9 am


Dave Poeschel, a member of our Martin-Fontana Parks Association and part of the Park Planning and Improvement Committee, has developed a three stage plan for planting trees and native vegetation in the barren areas of our parks.  The first stage will take place on Dec. 11 with the help of volunteers from Our City Forest. Dave has been working several months with the water district on the plan. We will be planting 40 native oak and buckeye trees, mostly small seedlings from the Guadalupe watershed. Some of the trees will be going in near the kid’s playground area.

Area near playground

Most will go in the “wasteland” between the pedestrian footbridge over Golf Creek and Almaden Expressway.  

Tree planting area

East end after bridge

Our City Forest will pre-drill the holes and supply the trees. We will need volunteers to help widen the holes and place the trees.

Folks interested in volunteering should meet near McAbee Road and Golden Oak Way at 9 am.   Refreshments will be provided.  We are excited to get started on our vegetation projects.  Our Martin-Fontana Parks Association will be in charge of funding and finding the volunteers for the December project.

Go to this link for the complete plan.  You’ll find plenty of pictures of the areas to be restored and several drawings showing where the trees and plants are to be placed.  Contact Dave Poeschel at for further information.

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  1. Posted by Patrick P. Pizzo on December 11, 2010 at 1:27 pm

    Hey Folks! Today, December 11th, the tree planting in the Fontana end of our parks, was very successful. There were about 50 people participating from all over the valley (Cupertino to South San Jose) and all 40 or more CA Native trees were successfully planted. We owe a debt of gratitude to David Poeschel for organizing Phase I of his planting scheme and OCF for providing the support necessary to get the job done! Dave made our work so easy by having a power auger pre-dig the holes and we thank you for that Dave! All trees were planted in a couple of hours. These trees will provide a ‘foundation’ for the beautification of the East-end of Fontana Park. Thanks again to all that helped and especially to the MFPA members who braved the cool morning to assist in the plantings. pat pizzo



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