Despite the weather, it was a “Beautiful Day” at the park

More than 100 volunteers braved the weather Saturday,  to complete the “Beautiful Day” project at Jeffrey Fontana Park  sponsored by the South Hills Community Church.  During the successful event, the Jeffrey Fontana Memorial on McAbee at OakGlen Way, received a complete makeover with fresh paint and beautiful plantings of flowers and small shrubbery from the Almaden Nursery.

Volunteers from South Hills Community Church, the Boy Scouts and Eagle Scouts, San Jose Police Officers Association, San Jose Adopt-a-Park, Martin-Fontana Parks Association, and several park neighbors, participated in the event to honor Officer Jeffrey Fontana. Participants enjoyed a lunch of barbequed tri-tip, chicken, salad and cake provided by the hard-working chefs of South Hills Community Church.

This area will be watered by the park watering system, park volunteers and neighbors are invited to stop by and help keep it weed free as the plants mature during this winter and spring. So those of you out for a walk in the park, carry along a pair of gloves and pull a few weeds as you pass by this beautiful enhancement to your park!



Besides the planting, the fence posts were capped and the fence was stained green.    What a great job all the volunteers did!

Check out the story in the Almaden Times Weekly, page 1 & page 2.

(Note:  click on the photos for a larger version)

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