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Despite the weather, it was a “Beautiful Day” at the park

More than 100 volunteers braved the weather Saturday,  to complete the “Beautiful Day” project at Jeffrey Fontana Park  sponsored by the South Hills Community Church.  During the successful event, the Jeffrey Fontana Memorial on McAbee at OakGlen Way, received a complete makeover with fresh paint and beautiful plantings of flowers and small shrubbery from the Almaden Nursery.

Volunteers from South Hills Community Church, the Boy Scouts and Eagle Scouts, San Jose Police Officers Association, San Jose Adopt-a-Park, Martin-Fontana Parks Association, and several park neighbors, participated in the event to honor Officer Jeffrey Fontana. Participants enjoyed a lunch of barbequed tri-tip, chicken, salad and cake provided by the hard-working chefs of South Hills Community Church.

This area will be watered by the park watering system, park volunteers and neighbors are invited to stop by and help keep it weed free as the plants mature during this winter and spring. So those of you out for a walk in the park, carry along a pair of gloves and pull a few weeds as you pass by this beautiful enhancement to your park!



Besides the planting, the fence posts were capped and the fence was stained green.    What a great job all the volunteers did!

Check out the story in the Almaden Times Weekly, page 1 & page 2.

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“Beautiful Day” slide show

Thanks to all the great volunteers!

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Beautiful Day Project

We just got a heads-up from Russ Petruzzelli about a project to be done by
the South Hills Church of San Jose,

Pastor Larry Brundage is coordinating this activity through Don Zonic, PRNS.
Also, Nancy Pyle is in the loop on this.  This is the project overview on
the South Hills Church website:

*Nov 19 – 21 – Beautiful Day *
This year we have a particularly exciting project! We have chosen to
landscape the whole street corner of Jeffrey Fontana Park to honor the
officer who was killed a few years ago. We will also host a huge “Hero’s
BBQ” for everyone (approx 500). We have also invited the San Jose Police
Officer’s Association to join us. Join us as we honor Jeffrey Fontana and
his family, show compassion and appreciation in a tangible way to other
officers who do their jobs courageously every day, and bring the neighbors
who live around the park together in unity to accomplish this project.

We need “lieutenants” to head up specific areas of the project to:
1. supervise the planting/placement of plants
2. obtain rototillers/supervise rototilling
3. oversee painting/staining of existing concrete
4. supervise lunch/barbecuing.

In addition we need many workers for planting, helping with lunch and
whatever else it takes to put on a successful event. Sign up on Sundays in
the foyer.  Email Larry Brundage> or call at 414.3071
for more details.
Dave Poeschel and Patrick Pizzo met with Pastor Larry Brundage from South
Hills Church Monday morning on site at McAbee and Golden Oak Way.  Pastor
Brundage showed us the plan for the landscape improvement.  It will involve
the WEST side only of the Fontana Park entry from McAbee where the Fontana
Park sign is, the one with the concrete pad put up by the Eagle Scouts.

The plan is for the semi-circular area, both sides of the fence, up to the
concrete sidewalk that is the inside border of the entry.  Drought resistant
plants are going to be planted to form a pattern that will be attractive
from the road.   The flowering plum trees will remain as-is.  Some
California native plants will be incorporated. Lower growing species will be
planted closest to McAbee; then progressively taller species, but none that
exceed three feet (at maturity).  The idea is to make the park totally
visible from a patrol car cruising McAbee.   The plants will form a flowing,
banded pattern of plants with alternating red flowers/foliage and white
flowers/foliage. The pattern will extend under the fence to the concrete
sidewalk.  There is a sprinkler system already in place.  Soil amendment and
rototilling will be used to prep the whole area and the fence posts will be
capped to protect them from water damage.  The fence will be painted a
light-green tone to ‘blend’ with the park/turf.  The painting of the sign
involves only the concrete pad put in by the Eagle Scouts in a color to
match the ‘beige’ of the existing Fontana Park sign.

This will be a three-day effort.  Over 500 people will be participating in
this community event at the intersection of Golden Oaks and McAbee.  It is
part of the honoring of fallen officers. The church is raising over $10,000
to complete this effort.  They are welcoming residents to participate as