“Heart of the Park Celebration” a success

A “Heart of the Park Celebration” (see the photos) was held on Sunday, August 29th between 2:00-4:00 in Jeffrey Fontana Park by the dog park.  We  celebrated the fact that Tree 13, the iconic Heart of T.J. Martin and Fontana Parks, is still standing and has a brighter future for survival. (See Almaden Times announcement here.)

Those attending the Celebration were given the opportunity to learn more about our newly formed Martin-Fontana Parks Association.  Thirteen trees were destroyed in our two parks on July 1st; each of them was over 25 years old.  Over the next few years, as many as 127 more trees may be destroyed.  The purpose of the association is to preserve and enhance our two parks by having the financial resources to prune trees that PG&E/the City want to cut.

At our Celebration, everybody had the  opportunity to become an association member.  Memberships are attractively  priced as we want as many people from the community as possible to become members.  Strength in numbers sends a very strong, clear message to PG&E and the City that we are united and are solidly behind preserving our two parks!

We also had T-shirts available for purchase.  Pictures of the shirts are on the attached order form.   The shirts are in Adult and Youth sizes.  If you wish to order shirts, please use the order form and send it with your donation to Margie Heldt (her info. is on order form).  If you pre-paid for shirts and did not attend our Celebration, you can email Margie and arrange for a pick up.   If the sizes you wanted were not available, you will have the opportunity to order them.  All orders must be prepaid.   All proceeds from the sale of the T-Shirts will go to the Association.




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  1. Posted by Valli on August 29, 2010 at 7:40 pm

    Memories are made in the shade of beautiful trees in our local parks. Long my they stand. The Heart of the Park Celebration was a quick 2 hours of fun in the park. We took some cute pictures.




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