Don’t forget trees’ long-term benefits

In a July 5th letter to the the editor of the Mercury News, S. Paige Liu writes:

“Regarding the recent tree removal in two Almaden Valley parks: I am surprised, given the number of people who live in this valley, that no one possesses the skill to trim trees in such a way as to allow them to grow safely around power lines. I have noticed some sycamores in my Willow Glen neighborhood that appear to have been pruned, ages ago, in such a way that they grow around the power lines but still exhibit a stable branching structure. Why is it that any time a tree becomes inconvenient, out come the chain saws? We all know the benefits of mature trees. Our valley was orchards not all that long ago. Why is it always the quickest, cheapest solution that wins out over long-term benefit? Any arborists out there who may be reading this: Here’s an opportunity to distinguish your service from all the rest. Make this your niche. Please.”

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