We want to alert you that PG&E is going to cut the first 13 trees this Thursday, July 1st.   We believe that this will happen in the morning.  Don’t expect to see PG&E trucks.  They probably have contracted an independent company like Davey’s to actually do the cutting.

If you are on our contact list, you will be notified either by email, text message, or land line depending on what you requested.  Even if you did not respond to be contacted, we will send out an alert to the entire Friend’s google group when PG&E starts cutting trees Thursday morning.   We will convene at Tree 13 near the corner of Castello Drive and Golden Oak Way.  The media will also be contacted.

When contacted, please bring signs, cameras, camcorders, and digital video cameras.  Please invite friends and neighbors to join you.   It’s important we have a large number of people to make a strong statement to PG&E that cutting rather than pruning our trees is NOT acceptable.

Thank you ahead of time for your participation in our “The Bullies Are Back Protest”.  Bottled water will be available.

Jean LaMarca (268-0382)
On behalf of the T.J Martin/Jeffrey Fontana Parks Committee

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