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Neighbors Protest Tree-Cutting in Front of PG&E San Jose office

To continue the fight, several community residents participated in a protest in front of PG&E’s downtown San Jose office on Friday May 28, 2010.  PG&E continues to move forward with their plan to soon remove 14 trees in June, including the beautiful 40+ year old native oak labelled tree 13.  Not only are residents fighting against this first batch of trees to be cut, but we are protesting PG&E’s plan to cut the remaining 100+ ear-marked by early 2011.

“The group delivered a letter to PG&E officials asking the utility to reconsider a decision to start with 14 tree removals in the parks in June.

In the fall, utility representatives plan to re-evaluate whether another 136 trees should be removed in the parks because they fear the trees could interfere with a high-voltage transmission line that runs to San Francisco.

Neighbors contend that all the trees are at least 10 feet below the overhead power lines, and they want the limbs to be pruned as they have been for years.”

May 26, Letter to PG&E CEO Peter A. Darbee

Because the Community was at an impasse with Mr. Don Hall, Executive Manager for Sales and Service and Kamran Rasheed, Manager of Vegetation Management, a letter was sent along with a petition containing 316 signatures asking PG&E to prune, not cut 140 trees that are scheduled be destroyed over the next couple years.