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Tree Data in TJ Martin & Jeffery Fontana Parks

Information was gathered by the Community on many of the trees in Phase 1, which were scheduled to be cut down by PG&E on March 22, 2010.  These measurements basically agreed with  the  measurements  that PG&E had conducted. This was revealed on the April 5th Task Force Meeting with PG&E.  PG&E also agreed at that time that there was no imminent danger existing in the Parks due to tree to wire clearances.

April 20, Community Counter Proposal to PG&E

 The April 20th Counter Proposal: The Community representatives are split on what to do, but we finally agree to submit a counterproposal to PG&E. The essence of the proposal is:

a. The Community will allow PG&E to cut 13 of the 14 trees and prune, not cut one tree (Tree #13, the 40 year old Coastal Live Oak).

b. That PG&E plant 5 trees for each tree cut (this is based on the City’s requirement of Communities, e.g. townhouse developments of cut trees in their development).

See: PDF Document: “Community counter proposal #1, dated 4-20-10 to 4-5-10 Task Force Meeting”.